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Client Testimonials

Success Stories from Past and Current Clients


Leza, 45

I have always stayed consistent in eating healthy and working out. I have tried clean eating/keto/keto with intermittent fasting and have never been able to lose the last of the belly and side fat. I work hard, I eat clean, I couldn't understand it! I shared that thought with Derek, who in turn gave me a simple plan to follow, and my body changed within a few months. I get to eat more on this diet and have carbs- they are not my enemy! I had to trust the process and am so happy I did.

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Jon, 38

Derek's diets works! Getting set-up was really easy to understand AND implement. I love how everything was tailored to me and my goals. Derek was an incredible help in understanding why diet is so important to reaching your fitness goals; paired with some much needed counseling and a sense of discipline in the gym, I now had the tools I needed to finally feel better about my body and myself. Because I love to dig into the details, he helped me understand the science and math behind the macros and daily calorie counts - and sticking to my diet truly became easier and I realized what I had been doing wrong. It's not a hobby, it's a lifestyle.


Keilah, 29

Followed the program and am loving my new look! Derek's weekly calls were the motivation and accountability I needed. I recommend this to anyone that is ready for a change.


Chris, 45

The transformation I have experienced at 45 years old would not have been possible without a foundation in nutrition. Derek's Diet plan was the cornerstone for me in becoming my best self. Without Derek's guidance, I would be stuck thinking working out is enough. It's not. Thanks Derek!


Shelly, 57

In the first 6 weeks, I dropped 2 dress sizes. It was easy to follow. I had everything grab and go, expect breakfast, and it made it easy. Derek was available 24/7 for questions and substitutions. I couldn't have done it without him, I have tried for years.


Derek, 38

Not exactly a client, but I also have a transformation process. On the left is a Monday after a Browns game in late December, 2020. Strong but sloppy. The picture on the right is from the summer of 2021. In about 6 months, I dropped almost 30lbs and went from filling 36 jeans to having plenty of room in a 34. It's not some crazy food plan. It's science, consistency, and the support of my friends and family. Let me show you how I can help you achieve the body you want!

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